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Sai Morikawa is a distinguished fine arts painter who has worked under the representation of the respected New York City gallery, Ashok Jain Gallery since 2008.


Sai Morikawa works have been prominently exhibited globally, in Japan, Europe and the United States.  Being academically trained at the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York City, her background in academic anatomical studies and visual perception is complemented by a focus on the importance of individual expression in the making of art.

Ms. Morikawa is a prolific artist having held many solo and group exhibitions internationally over the past 20 years.


“My work is characterized by its dynamic color brush strokes, influenced by the Abstract Expressionists. I paint mostly from direct observation; creating a seamless relationship between color and shape is very important to me.


My art works are the result of my radical amazement at the beauty of the visual world and I need to turn that experience into paint. I talk to myself to approach: I am very interested in nature, point of view and also people in New York.  The moment I see the scenery, my priority is the feeling that a painting suggests. I paint from emotion as the most specific and authentic thing that I can express in a work of art. Color is very important and essential to my work. Color as feeling and a tool for setting the rhythm of a painting, as sound, melody set the rhythm of music.  I am concerned about the quality of the materials that will touch the senses to find the rhythm for a painting. I aim to project not only romantic and sentimental emotions but a reflection of myself, my essence on the creations.”



As a writer of fine arts, Ms. Morikawa's writing has been regularly featured in quarterly fine arts magazine, COOL Magazine (New York City) since 2006. In the past few years, Ms. Morikawa's work was featured in prominent publications such as Tagboat Magazine Japan, NY Japion newspaper and The Ground Magazine, New York City.

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